TCH Twinning in Yoho National Park wins International Award for YP Involvement

Yoho TCH twinning

The Trans-Canada Highway Twinning in Yoho National Park along the Alberta and BC border was named the 2019 Project of the Year by Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) International. Congratulations to all the team members and YPs who worked on the project!

The four-year project for Parks Canada wrapped up earlier this year and involved twinning 6km of the TCH to a four-lane divided standard, while improving the alignment, safety, and amenities. McElhanney’s services included engineering design, aerial LiDAR, orthophoto mapping, ground surveys, landscaping design, and construction management.  Read more about the project in our website portfolio.

YPT International is a nonprofit coalition of organizations which helps in the professional development for YPs in the transportation field. This award is given annually for a project that had a major impact and where YPs played a significant role.

TCH Yoho

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