The McElhanney Cares Program Wins at the CEA Awards!

CEA Gala Attendees

Published: March 22, 2023

Whether it’s supporting an athlete sponsor, providing a long-standing community lunch, or donating work-in-kind for a community hockey rink – there is no doubt that McElhanney cares for our community. And now, our efforts are recognized by the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) as we take home the Award of Excellence for Community Outreach and In-House Initiatives from the 2023 CEA Showcase Award Gala on March 17, 2023.

Read on for a look at some of the great projects and programs featured in our submission!

Bragg Creek Trails Asset Management Plan Development

As part of the McElhanney Cares program, the Bragg Creek Trails Asset Management Plan Development was completed as a pro-bono project. The work included approximately 200 hours of provided services including data collection and review, stakeholder engagement, financial modelling, and report generation to support the Bragg Creek Trails Association.

Strathcona Druids RFC – Lynn Davis Rugby Park

To facilitate planning for the sustainable future use of the Lynn Davis Rugby Park, McElhanney provided over 200 hours of pro-bono services including the development of a master-plan design, as part of a Task Force of experienced professionals and community stakeholders.

Deadman’s Flats Community Rink

With the opportunity to deliver on one of our core values and cornerstones – caring for our communities – in mind, McElhanney provided in-kind engineering and survey services to help build the Deadman’s Flats Community Rink. McElhanney’s donation supported the Community’s Development Permit application and ensured that the rink was in the right location and serviced correctly, actively collaborating with community members and other supporting organizations to bring the project to life.

Rotary Park of Banff

To help the Rotary Park of Banff complete a much-needed upgrade to its facilities and better serve its community, McElhanney provided in-kind civil engineering, survey, and landscape architecture services. These upgrades would not have been possible without generous community involvement and volunteer work, and ultimately will result in a recreation space for residents and visitors that is refreshed, functional, and beautiful.

Woodcroft Community Garden

McElhanney stepped in to provide both financial resources and over a hundred and fifty hours in services including landscape architecture and employee volunteers to help fund, design, and construct the Woodcroft Community Garden. Our Landscape Architecture group alongside the community designed a series of curved planter boxes at varying levels, allowing for full accessibility to all members of the community.

Lymburn Elementary School Courtyard

McElhanney worked directly with the Principal of Lymburn Elementary School to plan and design an expansion of the school’s courtyard to better accommodate its approximately 300 students. Services provided included approximately 100 hours of landscape architecture and planning.

Athlete Sponsorship – Logan Sadesky, Mountain Bike

McElhanney Cares donated funds to Logan Sadesky, cross-country mountain bike racer, to assist with the high travel and equipment costs associated with the sport. Logan competed in both the Canada Cup and World Cup circuits this year and was able to successfully compete in his longest and most successful racing season to date.

Thank you to our partners, clients, and staff who contributed to these wonderful initiatives – this award is a testament to your unwavering commitment to caring for our communities.

To see the other amazing projects featured at this year’s gala, visit the CEA’s webpage here.

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