McElhanney Acquires Peak Traffic Technology Ltd.

McElhanney Acquires Peak Traffic Technology Ltd.

McElhanney has added traffic data collection to our list of services in BC, further supporting the extensive transportation engineering and planning work we provide to clients across the province. This comes after the acquisition of Kamloops-based Peak Traffic Technology Ltd.

McElhanney has offered traffic data collection services throughout Alberta and other parts of Western Canada for over 20 years. With this merger, we have substantially expanded this offering in the BC region, including:

  • Video-based data collection that includes: intersection and turning movement counts, roundabout counts, average daily traffic counts, origin destination surveys, trip generation studies, gap studies, and pedestrian/cyclist counts;
  • Short count and manual count vehicle surveys that include: volume, speed, and vehicle classifications;
  • Custom traffic data collect for studies such speed surveys, jay-walking counts, trail usage, and more.

For further information or to request a quote, contact:

BC Region

Anthony McGill or Peter Yates

Alberta & Saskatchewan Region

Troy Peacock or Raju Daniel


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