McElhanney Wins at the ACEC-CCE Awards!

McElhaney received an Award of Excellence – Transportation Category for our work on the Highway 1 Keith Road / Mt Seymour Parkway Interchange

On November 3, 2022, McElhanney received an Award of Excellence – Transportation Category for our work on the Highway 1 Keith Road / Mt Seymour Parkway Interchange at this year’s Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards ceremony in Ottawa! Hosted jointly by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada (ACEC) and Canadian Consulting Engineer (CCE) magazine, these awards are the industry’s highest honours, offered only to the most remarkable engineering feats featured in projects by Canadian firms. This is the second major win for this project, following the 2022 Award of Excellence for Design and Contract Preparation – Roads at this year’s British Columbia Transportation Consulting Engineers Awards.

The Highway 1 Keith Rd / Mt Seymour Parkway Interchange & Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project is a major project that addressed congestion, road safety, and municipal connectivity needs for North Vancouver. The project had a constrained timeline tied to funding with no room for budget overruns. McElhanney successfully delivered this project for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BCMoTI) using innovative design and scheduling strategies, while incorporating additional environmental and active transportation benefits to the region.

At $98 million, this is one of the largest and most complex design-bid-build projects BCMoTI has undertaken. Part of the larger $198 million Lower Lynn Improvement Program, the project was designed to reduce public frustration over one of British Columbia’s most congested highway sections. McElhanney had to overcome the challenge of working within a suburban, constrained corridor that included fish-bearing habitat, parks, residences, and commercial properties.

Click play below to hear Kevin Leggett (Transportation Project Manager) talk about some of his favourite parts of working on this project!

Highway 1 Keith Road / Mt Seymour Parkway Interchange from The McElhanney Group Ltd. on Vimeo.


A special thank you to all those involved in the success of this project – Santino Pirillo, Kevin Leggett, Chad Amiel, Patty Burt, David Ellis, Jack McKee, Julie Schooling, Joe Vorlicek, Doug Johnston, Eddy Yang, Brett Oystensen, Victor Mak, Mark Wardell-Johnson, Ruibin Lin, Thomas Fita, Michael Zelt, Melissa Dyer, Kevin Parrish, Michael Cheng, Adrian Heuvel, Rob Bedard, Trevor McKenzie, Gibraan Haroon, Scott Hansson, Robin Storkey, John McKenzie, and many more. And a big thank you to our partners at WSP, Thurber Engineering, and PBX Engineering for their support.




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