Engineering Survey of the Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

McElhanney was retained in 2017 by local construction contractor Smith Bros & Wilson (SBW) to provide surveying services to aid renovations at the library, which included the addition of escalators, elevators, and an auditorium. The objective of the survey was to identify a precise location for a temporary concrete platform supporting a multi-storey crane, and to identify positions to underpin and support the load of the crane and platform sited at street level on an underground parking structure. Both firms knew the complex nature of the existing utilities in the parkade structure would require an innovative approach to data collection and presentation.

Pattullo Bridge Deck Rehabilitation

TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure brought on McElhanney as the prime consultant to address deck repairs and create both a traffic management plan and an operations plan. The result was comprehensive plan that allowed the bridge deck rehabilitation to be completed and re-opened ahead of schedule.

Port Mann Highway 1 Roadworks and Detour Designs

During construction, more than 120,000 vehicles drove over the Port Mann Bridge every day, ranging from commuters (travelling 80km/h) to slow-moving construction machinery. The detour designs needed to incorporate HOV lanes, cycling lanes, and dedicated bus and truck ramps, and ensure high-speed and low-speed traffic did not mix.

Waterfront Centre Scan to BIM

Vancouver, BC – McElhanney was hired for this planned renovation project to relocate multiple commercial retail units (CRU’s) and modernize the food court. Record as-built drawings for this building were incomplete and deemed unreliable by the architects that needed a dependable model from which to base their design.

Simon Fraser University Scan to BIM

Burnaby, BC – McElhanney conducted several laser scan surveys at SFU to assist with a variety of renovation and upgrade projects. Our team of modelling technicians converted the resulting point cloud exports into 3D Building Information Models (BIM) which are used directly by the architectural project team.

Sea to Sky Highway Improvements

.dt-breadcrumbs-id-1 .breadcrumbs { display: inline-block; margin: 0; padding: 2px 10px 2px 10px; border: 0px solid ; border-radius: 0px; } .dt-breadcrumbs-id-1 .breadcrumbs * { font-size: 14px; line-height: 18px; font-style: ; font-weight: ; text-transform: ; color: #858585; } You are here:HomePortfolio ProjectSea to Sky Highway improvements 2005-2009 | Whistler to Vancouver, BC - The Sea to Sky…

Sapperton Transportation Plan

You are here:HomePortfolio ProjectSapperton Transportation Plan 2017 | New Westminster, BC - The Sapperton neighbourhood in New Westminster, BC is experiencing significant growth. The Royal Columbian Hospital is undergoing a major expansion for the next decade. New mixed-use developments such as the Brewery District and Sapperton Green are bringing in employment opportunities and hundreds of…

Roberts Bank Rail Corridor – Surrey Combo Overpass Project

You are here:HomePortfolio ProjectRoberts Bank Rail Corridor – Surrey Combo Overpass Project 2010-2014 | Surrey & Langley, BC - The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor is an important 70km stretch that connects Roberts Bank with the North American rail network. The corridor carries large volumes of freight through communities in the Lower Mainland. It has several…

Newton Town Centre Stormwater Detention Pond

You are here:HomePortfolio ProjectNewton Town Centre Stormwater Detention Pond 2015 | Surrey, BC - In 2015 the City of Surrey needed a stormwater detention facility in Newton to accommodate future and existing development, improve water quality, and mitigate erosion within Hyland Creek. Using the detention pond design provided by AECOM, McElhanney: Finalized the detail design drawings…

Mount Lehman Interchange

You are here:HomePortfolio ProjectMount Lehman Interchange 2004-2006 | Abbotsford, BC - Abbotsford was Canada’s fastest growing economy in 2004 according to The Conference Board of Canada. The existing Mt. Lehman Road / TransCanada Highway Interchange was overwhelmed by this rapid growth and the expansion of Abbotsford International Airport. Users of the interchange and surrounding intersections…